Lancaster Aluminium Gutter Installers

If you're looking to remove the concrete guttering around your Lancaster property with a new continuous aluminium gutter system, call TLG Gutters today. The concrete gutters that are removed are replaced with a seamless aluminium pre-painted system that is attractive, durable and economical. Most importantly the 'no joints, no leaks' system is the only gutter system to gain British Board of Agreement (BBA) certification.

The continuous aluminium gutter has a BBA CERTIFICATE which gives it a life expectancy of 30 years.

before Lancaster aluminium gutter installation
after Lancaster aluminium gutter installation

Advantages of Lancaster Aluminium Gutter Systems:

  • ATTRACTIVE - Colours DO NOT FADE for 20 years
  • STRENGTH - They can hold 3 times as much water as plastic
  • DURABLE - 20 Year Guarantee – Should last 50 years
  • No fittings visible, cannot tell the visual difference to PVC except it doesn’t fade
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY - Classed as “green” as it is made from hydropower and fully recyclable
  • GUARANTEE - 0.9mm version has BBA certificate for 30 years
  • ECONOMIC - Fit once, you won’t replace guttering for decades
  • EVERLASTING - The same sealants used as used in the construction of sea walls
  • TOUGH - Ogee shape makes it take the weight of a ladder

Continuous Aluminium Gutters in Lancaster

Aluminium gutters can be seen in many properties across Lancaster installed prior to 1970. It is still working well and, like all well installed continuous aluminium gutters, still not leaking!

The Mustang 125mm O.G. seamless and continuous aluminium gutter is extruded on-site to fit the Lancaster house. The gutter machine is in a 7.5 ton truck converted to be a workshop with all the necessary Mustang components in racks.

White is the prettiest but (like all types of white gutter) will show the dirt after a number of years. Darker colours are better for long-term visual effects as dirt collected over time is not as apparent. We now have the latest fashionable colour Anthracite Grey!

Lancaster aluminium gutter supplier

Lancaster Leafguard/Snowguard Installers

If you never want to have to pay to have your Lancaster gutters cleaned again, you may be interested in a product known as Leafguard and Snowguard.

Having been thoroughly tested and proven in the harsh extremes of the Canadian climate the "MustangGutter Systems" attained British Board of Agreement (B.B.A.) approval under Cert. No 91/2625 in 1991 and is exclusively installed by professional installers (such as TLG Gutters) using 'Iron Man' gutter roll forming machines. Mustang's unique polycarbonate locking corners, locking connectors and stop ends make it the premier product of its type. With over 3,000 miles fitted to date it is the undisputed solution for replacement guttering in Lancaster housing and increasingly on 'new build', often being installed with maintenance free uPVC fascias, soffits and 'colonnade' powder coated extruded aluminium downpipes.

Advantages of installing Leafguard / Snowguard in Lancaster gutters

  • The leaf guard allows water to be recycled efficiently as it is so debris free.
  • No leaves and small pieces can get into gutter. They just float away in the wind.
  • Moss stays on top of the leaf guard and will wash over the top in heavy rain.
  • Snow can’t get into gutter as the initial snow freezes on top of the mesh. As it melts it just runs off into the drain pipe.
  • The leaf guard is tested to take 2ft. of rain per hour!
  • Long lasting (minimum 40 years).
  • Leaf guard comes in different sizes to fit various gutters. It is however NOT suitable for plastic gutters.

Leafguard can be fitted in the Lancaster gutter at any point; however it is more costly to fit it retrospectively.

When we are fitting a new Lancaster gutter, fitting the Leafguard / Snowguard has no additional fitting cost. High-quality leaf guard is expensive but worth the money. Buy cheap, pay twice!!

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